Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Tobias Stretch "Weird Fishes" (Radiohead)

I am lost for words in describing the inimitable Tobias Stretch's Weird Fishes (No Fat Clips), his competition winning entry to AniBoom's In Rainbows Animated Music Video Contest. I had expected something different (in the sense of off the wall) and I was a tad conservative. I simply cannot explain the plot in this or indeed my previous posts on his work. However, fish-like his characters are, in large part anyway with tentacles like sea anemones, or depicted as ocean Gods, or mad aviators or something. In truth it's not Tobias' concern to make concrete or less ambiguous Radiohead (Weird Fishes/Arpeggi) lyrics - sample verse: "I get eaten by the worms/ And weird fishes/ Picked over by the worms/And weird fishes/ Weird fishes/ Weird fishes". So how does Tobias react? Well, he makes some of the weirdest, most eccentric models of flying craft and creatures, takes them to a beautiful place and makes them fly and sink beneath the waters, tentacles still waving. The quality of photographic work, in which the lens swoops in, under and over his creations is never less than hypnotic and, as clouds rush by denoting the passage of time of the animation and also the director's production schedule, the song soars and the video does too, sustaining interest and delight. I hope my blog at least reveals the diversity of animation work around. Here is something distinct and I am so pleased Tobias was empowered to complete the work. Great stuff. More on his website.

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