Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Trevor Hardy "Oops"

Yesterday I focused on an artist who makes the most wonderful models and puppets. Here is another. Trevor Hardy has been featured on the blog before. Operating from his West Sussex studio here in the UK he turns out some remarkable stop motion work with his company of one, Fool Hardy Films. His short Oops has knight surging to rescue damsel in distress on trusty steed encountering obstacles on the way. Roadworks, topiary. water and discarded tyres disrupt the flow a little though the pair is undaunted by anything save the final fence. I know that Trevor is considering extending the movie and I would heartily commend this to him. In the great tradition of Don Quixote there is scope for our foolish knight. Another great tradition is British comic animation, including Aardman for whom he worked. Trevor has the wit to make his creations work. His models, as with those of Tobias Stretch, are works of art. Trevor introduces the unexpected as the robber discovers when attempting to perpetrate a misdeed on Gran, another 2007 comic short. Shooting People, by the way, celebrated its tenth birthday recently - it's a great organisation for supporting film-makers.

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