Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Anton Octavian "The Fog"

The Fog is an engaging music video for The Mantra ATSMM in which ants toil to construct a large tower using an assortment of equipment, from pick axe to mechanised transport. Man, naturally enough, puts his foot on it. It also happens to be the first Romanian animation I have featured here on the Animation Blog. As yesterday the work is in grey scale and at over five and half minutes is longer than the usual music video. This requires some reuse of material, the ant being replicated many times (no problem as I’ve never yet identified an individual ant!) with the layering coarsely, if deliberately, achieved. The Fog is not some slickly rendered piece though that is not the intention. As the whirlwind construction gathers ever more pace, blocks moving from ant hand to ant hand, the intricacy of the tower is revealed as a complex, lattice like framework. The movie has a definite charm in line with the music. I was left to puzzle out what was computer animated, how much digital or actual cutout, what was the significance of the fog. Anton Octavian has a variety of work available on his website and blog ranging from live action to stop motion, all rather innovative and including sculptures. I also liked Falling Down, so to speak.

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