Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Benjamin Stephan & Lutz Vogel "Trusted Computing"

Trusted Computing has been lying in my portable hard drive for well over a year and a spot of premature spring cleaning (necessitated by a virus or intrusion) has turned it out. Benjamin Stephan and Lutz Vogel were winners of the 2007 Adobe Design Achievement Award for this three minute or so graphics based monologue on the dangers of unthinking faith. After an initial rather slow study of text the decidedly slick animation develops tremendously, like Powerpoint with oomph. Using a selection of text, diagrams, highlighter pen, graphs and the services of a little soldier, the pair highlight the issue of trusting computer companies with our data rather eloquently I think. The warm voice of Christian Honing is a decided plus. I am shortly due to work on the Adobe stand at BETT 2009 next week and sample their hospitality again at their annual dinner. A mention of the sponsors is called for forthwith. The piece was created using a selection of Adobe's software, eventually animated in Adobe After Effects. Back to the directors: both graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg in 2005. Lutz has since moved to work for Psyop in New York.

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