Saturday, 3 January 2009

Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung "Lighthouse"

Lighthouse is a movie I viewed and enjoyed before realising it was part of a charitable project funded by the insurance company, Liberty Mutual. It commences with an atmospheric view of the lighthouse set at the end of a rocky promontory behind which is a seaside village populated by locals who seem to be imbibing the local ale with gusto. As the moon is obscured by clouds and a gathering storm, the lighthouse keeper is disturbed to discover the mechanisms of the light have gone awry and his light has gone out. As a ship approaches the jagged rocks he is desperate to warn the seafarers of their danger. A dramatic storyline is beautifully executed in 3D splendour. I felt all along this to be a seasonal piece, full of eventual good cheer to all mankind. The glow of the lighthouse, then the keeper's lamp and finally those of the good folk gone a rescuing, are in keeping with the Christmas tree and trappings. Directors Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung achieve the feel-good factor and make a professional, slick movie to boot. The three minute movie was made as part of the Responsibility Project, one of a number of online films, centred on the theme of responsibility. Their site features a short interview with the pair. I'm always a little disappointed by the screengrabs I post on the blog; usually they are worth a little click for the added detail. The shot of the lighthouse is particularly impressive here. Indeed the visual qualities of the entire movie are great. I always use lighthouses as a training exercise with my own students. Now I can set them the holy grail.

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