Friday, 16 January 2009

Grant Orchard "Playing For The Planet"

I note from checking out my blog’s search facility that I have covered three of Grant Orchard's animations made during his time with London’s STUDIO AKA. Playing For The Planet changes style yet again with an environmental short made for Disney's Playhouse. Its theme is recyling with a message aimed directly at the under fives - so I'm on their wavelength. Grant uses a combination of cut-outs, puppets, stop motion and some computer animated sequences as the two explorers discover what happens to all the junk packaging and suchlike if they pop it into the box and send it off for recyling. Using recycled material itself, as well as a rich adult voice voice-over plus excited children, the joy of the thing is to see that "R" for recycling constructed from cardboard and surely the grumpy jack-in-the box is made from card. Bottles as rockets, a snake made from a hand in a sock and a nice touch at the end as a young boy is seen manipulating the puppet. Creative folk at Aka. And the message in a nutshell?- "That's good. The world will be pleased." Grant, by the way, is another product of animation hothouse, the Surrey Institute of Art and Design. On a personal note may I thank all at Adobe for a fascinating and pleasurable time with them in London. Great people. Wednesday evening saw me scaling the heights of Millbank's 29th floor with the Thames and the Houses of Parliament way beneath me. And if you were one of those who saw me presenting at their BETT stand, I look better in print.

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