Friday, 2 January 2009

Guy Ben Shetrit "Hey" (Eatliz)

Hey, it's the first post of a bright new year and, mercifully free of the virus that knocked me back over the holiday period, in good spirits now, it's fairly obvious that I'm going to kick off with a cracker. Hey is a striking music video for Eatliz with vocalist Lee Triffon sounding, if I might make the comparison, like Tori Amos, and not a pale comparison either - Lee has a terrific vocal range and, as Tori is featured a lot on my iPod, it goes I like the music - very much actually. But (Hey) this is animation blog and I am delighted to announce that the video does justice to the song. A young girl goes off on a journey partly of discovery, partly in search of a green balloon that floats tantalisingly out of grasp, like the bank note in a storm. She's no sweet thing, slinging a stone against a beehive, takes exception to a wriggling sardine with a meat cleaver and I won't tell you what she uses as lipstick. Director Guy Ben Shetrit and his fifteen strong animation crew took three years to complete the piece. The team use the CGI software adroitly, the modeling being particularly impressive, the events unfolding against a background and stylishly drawn props and set that are economically applied though with fabulous detail going into facial expression and toad. I almost forgot the toad. It's a great mammoth of a beast, transporting his (no her is that ugly) companion around on back and tongue. Now journey animations are not new, music video directors would be out of business without them; Guy however retains an element of surprise throughout the four minute movie. Some scenes have sufficient spectacle for any two music videos. The fairground and bathrooms scenes fairly fizz with energy, no more so than when they combine and our heroine takes a trip in the bathtub atop the big dipper. She has fizz and attitude herself, the neat conclusion adding to her sense of growth in the voyage. It's quite depressing to introduce a man of such all-round talent, but Guy is not only the director, he is the founder and main composer of Eatliz and wrote the song - with lyrics by Maya Dunitz. (Now had Guy done the vocals .... I would really have been impressed.) But, hey, all three facets of his involvement are shown off to perfection here and he also gets to play guitar! The video has gained plaudits on Aniboom and hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube in no time at all. There is a site ( set up specially for the animation with all sorts of goodies including an mp3 download. In fact the song and video don't need too much plugging. They stand up themselves. First day back and I have been introduced to a quite wonderful band and I doubt I shall view many, if any, better music videos this year.

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