Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Rebecca Manley "The Girl and The Horse"

Channel 4 did commission some lovely animated movies here in the UK. Rebecca Manley’s The Girl and The Horse (alternate:Veoh) is one such. In effect it is an affecting homily on the loss of innocence and childhood. A young girl has a gap in her tummy. Such a void can only be filled by companionship and here the child is fortunate for she is befriended by a horse. Together the two somewhat idyllically entertain themselves in a state of bliss. Miraculously, the emptiness in her body disappears. The child grows older, money rains down from above, birthdays, extravagant dresses. The girl turns her back on her erstwhile friend. And the hole reappears. The style of artwork is deceptively simple but rather as with that perfect dress, sometimes simplicity achieves elegance and this is exactly what one discovers here. There is a sinuous beauty about the work that I have attempted to illustrate in the screengrabs. A variety of techniques are employed, including sand on glass, set against a tan textured background. with occasional use of photographic overlays. Rebecca is one of a number of very strong women from the UK at the moment whose work is invigorating. A graduate (yes, another) from the Surrey institute of Art and Design, she is represented at present by Slinky Pictures where I discover she is responsible for some of the charming intros to my local Yorkshire weather reports - if I can obtain a link I'll post it. Check out her blog and latest showreel, visit her website where one may enjoy her illustrations, one charmer being below.

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