Thursday, 29 January 2009

Rebecca Manley & Luca Paulli "Breaking the Mould", coffee and chocolate

As an adjunct to yesterday’s post on Rebecca Manley here are two ads, the first of which she directed for Starbucks chocolate and screened in the States. Café chocolate - very enticing, rich cafe colours, blackboard with stylish chalk lettering and, best of all, chocolate in the round and the square. Hard to resist the blandishments of advertisers selling chocolate. Rebecca explains her technique in her blog: "We created a rich and textural feel to the commercial by shooting the animation under camera using chalk on blackboard, and then compositing this together with stop motion animation (of chocolate models)." Again working for Slinky Pictures, the ad for Carte Noire: Steam uses sand on glass to create the form's characteristic fluidity of motion as a young couple travel to Paris to enjoy, amongst other things, a cup of coffee. Chocolate, coffee and Paris: the lady gets licence to roam! Which brings me in a contrived fashion to Breaking the Mould, a more conventionally animated short made in partnership with Italy’s Luca Paulli (graduate of the London School of Animation at Central Saint Martins). It is the cheerful story of an apple escaping the confines of his branch, who drops off on a convenient truck, has his green shoots trimmed professionally and then commences a journey around the world before settling down, white whiskered, to retirement in the earth and sprouting green shoots. Such is life. The pair made the piece as joint Animators in Residence at the University of Wale’s Newport campus. It did well in competition too, winning the Audience Award from a mass of entries to Shooting People DepicT! the only animated film to succeed -
DepicT! '08 Shortlist, Encounters Short Film Festival.

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