Friday, 30 January 2009

Sergey Aniskov "Upgrade OS 8½"

The scenario is very simple really. There is a new upgrade available for System OS 8½ to OS 9. A system error results in total failure and the Controller admonishes his “useless pieces of software …. pirate trash” for not helping. With email down, expired or invalid software in ruins, a trouble shooter is sent into the mailbox to rectify the situation. Enter Anti Virus, our hero. Upgrade OS 8½ by Russian director Sergey Aniskov is an imaginative Flash animation that totally belies its somewhat prosaic title. Our hero befriends the intruder virus he is programed to destroy and we are in an impending melt-down situation in the innards of computer world. Witty throughout with non-stop action and a marvellously realised digital world, the piece never palls for any of its nine minutes or so. Sergey has made some distinctive Flash animations that I have written about before, notably Panic Attack. He studied initially at Moscow's Institute of Industrial Art, where his subject was Industrial Design, before moving to the USA to continue his education in Kansas and New York. Sergey has earlier work posted on his website. He is presently a director for New York's Animation Collective responsible amongst others for the series Kappa Mikey.

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