Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Andrew Currie "This Story Udderly Sucks"

Andrew Currie commenced this funny short whilst at Indiana's Purdue University. This Story Udderly Sucks was doing the rounds in the festivals in 2004. Based on a school project with Brian Carpenter, Paul Romer and Jim Xue, Andrew more or less reworked it from scratch after graduation. It certainly has, as the director suggests on YouTube, a hand painted look though being essentially CGI. It made my students laugh, a feat in itself as I suggested to them. Nice sense of expectation as the vacuum cleaner gets ever nearer to the udder. We know what's going to happen and, to jolly country and western music, it does, transforming cow to inflatable. Cow pats and noxious cow emissions cured by technology though with attendant dangers! Andrew is currently Lead Cinematic Artist/Director at Midway Games.

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