Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Andy Sykes "Special Glue and Other Stories"

Many years ago when I was a young teacher of English I taped myself telling a story from my childhood, played it back and that almost verbatim account was published. I was reminded of this when listening to and watching Andy Sykes' Special Glue and Other Stories. His gentle Yorkshire twang and obvious relish for his tales are most engaging. So too is his fresh style of artwork, cartoon style, with arms extended, thrusting objects close in, tennis ball eyes or thought bubbles floating above the heads of the economically drawn characters. His stories are refreshing anecdotes of family life as he idolises a father who can put the world to rights with a dab of super glue, or lament the loss of his paintings blown up into the skies prompting some imaginative theorising on what might have occurred. But most of all I responded to him being put on the "stupid table" at school, an ignominy that was only eased as he grew older eventually attending art school where, naturally, all the artists had occupied a similar space in their schools unable to write and read properly. I too sat on that table as a young boy, Andy, my movements from little school to little school depriving me of a conventional education before my teachers discovered the error of their ways. Three tales comprise this thoroughly entertaining, original approach and a visit to the director's website will introduce you to more of his material. Andy graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University’s Interactive Arts degree in 2004. There is a degree of interactivity built into his work here; it's called empathy and is a precious commodity in an animator.


wastedpapiers said...

Andy is a are talent. I watched this the other day when he did a talk about his work at MMU and enjoyed it so much even though I'd seen it before several times. Brilliant!

Ian Lumsden said...

A genuine talent and one whose work I will closely follow. Almost as important Andy is a "follower" now I have added the feature to the blog.