Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Benoit Creac'h and Julia Gaudard "1973"

It is always better to review a music video if I like the music and Tahiti Boy & the Palmtree Family is a new band to me with a fresh sound I enjoyed very much. Which more or less applies to 1973 a creation of Benoit Creac'h and Julia Gaudard, Ben a product of CLCF film school in Paris, Julia from Central Saint Martins in London though she hails from Switzerland. The music video is expertly composed with constant surprises in a tongue in cheek presentation, a kind of distillation of every kids' programme ever made and then some. Use of colour takes the eye immediately, prismatic blues greens and pinks, radiant in the case of the glove puppets. The mix is of live action, puppetry and some CGI. It is in fact a very happy video, full of fun: fish blowing bubbles in the sky, puppets floating on fluffy clouds and trees with human arms painted blue. The band appear as disembodied heads in the sun, there are simple kaleidoscopes and vivid fungi, a hairy yetti with green eyes, more toadstools with fluorescent hair than one could normally see in a hundred and one movies, no plot I can discern. Just happiness. Visit the directors' website and as an alternative view the shiny piece again at Vimeo.

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