Monday, 9 February 2009

Carlos Lascano "A Short Love Story In Stop Motion"

I'm a sucker for a good love story and this is better than that. A Short Love Story In Stop Motion (2008) by Argentinian animator Carlos Lascano is a treat during the UK's cold winter. The undoubted charm of the piece is that it tells a simple tale of love through the generations with such obvious warmth and animation quality that it just bowls one over. The romantic soundtrack of Sigur Ros helps of course. From the outset as we pan over crooked roofs to settle on a wonderfully rickety school one knows this is a smashing movie. We zoom in through the window to view a young girl at her desk, studying the young boy opposite. Flight of fancy or chronological biography we move though the pages of a book to see the pair embrace on a hillside, see their future home, their child and meet them as contented senior citizens, just as much in love as ever. Ah. All this is effected by a range of stop motion techniques, from the fingers of a real hand to some exquisitely made models of the young couple all worked on in After Effects. We know this because on his website Carlos provides an explanation, meaning I don't have to guess at the processes:
"I wanted to achieve an organic look, away from the perfection found in computer drawing, so I used only real objects and hand-drawing that were later composed in After Effects. ...The skeletons were built in wood and twisted aluminium wire, and then modeled in tissue paper and cold porcelain .....Many of the organic textures such as particles, drops, autumn leaves, etc, were carefully filmed over a green background in uncompressed full HD at 1920 x 1080." I have remarked before that the quality of stop motion is determined by puppets and set. Top notch here. On his blog Carlos is promising even better techniques for his next project. I'm salivating already. He is also recruiting people to work with him and given the internet the world is his oyster. The movie link is a 61MB download though there is a streamed version on Vimeo.


Sondhi said...

Great review as always. Just posted it myself when i decided to catch up with your blog, so I linked to it.

Cleiton Vieira said...
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Cleiton Vieira said...

How can I download this movie? Someone can help me?