Friday, 6 February 2009

Coca Cola "Hidden Formula"

From the Buenos Aires studio Santo who brought us the incomparable Rivalries during the soccer World Cup (emnities of chicken under chef's knife, tree and chainsaw, lover in wardrobe, fly and swat, all suspended, nay celebrated, for the goal's duration) comes an ad for the iconic sweet drink - Hidden Formula. Coke's secret is of no interest to me whatsoever but, should you care, rather like peeling the layers of an onion, or dismantling a Russian doll, the secret is buried underneath a volcano, or in a chest, whale, protected by two headed critters, curses, crabs .... you get the idea. Very much CGI and very entertaining as we woosh into a world akin to Raiders of the Lost Ark on amphetamines. The tongue in cheek delivery helps speed us along. Santo has some great work on their site. The directors were David Daniels and Ray Di Carlo from Bent Image Lab a studio, like Ghost Robot, of startling originality. David's work is related to yesterday and today's post in that he is one of the foremost exponents of strata-cut animation in the world. There's also a stunning piece on a flea circus that will get you scratching.

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