Thursday, 19 February 2009

Coca Cola "Picnic"

Have you ever noticed the similarity between a ladybird and the top off a coke bottle? Well that's what the big brands are paying for when they commission their ads. I read it cost $100,000 per second to place an advertisement in this year's Super Bowl. To the music of Peter and the Wolf conducted by Robert Miller and performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Picnic, the latest ad for Coca Cola has man flat out enjoying a snooze when an army of insects filch the bottle from under his very nose. Beautifully animated via some clever use of CGI, the ingenuity of the piece is impressive with bees, butterflies and grasshoppers contributing their best endeavours. Portland's Wieden+Kennedy developed the Open Happiness campaign, with creative directors Hal Curtis and Sheena Brady. Credits are numerous but may I point to copywriter Marc D’Avignon, Psyop and a mass of others including animation lead John Velazquez. I also have read somewhere that insects will inherit the earth. A bottle of coke is only the beginning.

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