Monday, 16 February 2009

George Mellor & Hugh Frost "Meet Me In The Middle" (Sportsday Megaphone)

George Mellor and Hugh Frost, collectively OWLS, have released their animated movie for UK band Sportsday Megaphone. It never ceases to amaze me how animators hit upon different styles and responses. In this case the lyrics determine a certain variety of images, composed on a busy screen. Have you ever noted the similarity of candy cane and barber shop poles? You will. "You're like a windmill, you're like a see-saw, you're like a barber shop sign." Koala Bear eating candy sticks, fairground and windmill by the seaside. It all suggests colour and childhood until one sees the end result of the cavalcade, a sneak preview of which is revealed in the closing screenshot - you'll need as usual to click the image and look at the difference between the darkened silhouettes in the background. Effulgent colour and a darker tone at the close. There is visual spectacle here that is most impressive with some of the images and characters terrifically well drawn with, as I say, a dark side that resonates, throwing the previous material into shadow like one of those science fiction stories where the alien planet is not what it seems. One suggestion I might have made - though certainly outside the brief of two very talented and clever animators - would have been to introduce a timely sound effect when the word "spastic" is used.


Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. googled my name and daw this. Studyn animation in Cape town.
Hugh Frost

Ian Lumsden said...

A great piece of work Hugh - provide a link to your latest work!