Friday, 20 February 2009

Guilherme Marcondes "Your Home Is Your World" British Gas

Your Home Is Your World was the ad that took my eyes these past few days whilst resting my weary legs after a day's walking. Taking the suburban family, placing them on a little planetary world of floating houses and gardens, adding a friendly British Gas fitter to drive out between the orbiting planetoids to connect the family's electricity supply, one inhabits an alternative universe, the very world that animation does best. There are some clever flourishes here: the dolphin jumping in the circular ocean on which is the world's biggest off-shore wind farm, the tiny worlds replacing the leaves on the garden's trees, the real faces of the characters. It was produced by Hornet Inc. via agency CHI&Partners. Director Guilherme Marcondes was born in São Paulo, Brazil, though he now resides in New York. One of Guilherme's movies, coincidentally, is earmarked for Sunday's post. Full credits via his website.

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