Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Harrowdown Hill & Mad World

Two more of the movies from my top drawer just bursting to get out, movies I should have got round to posting on. A top music video from 2006 was by Chel White of Oregon’s Bent Image Lab. His Harrowdown Hill for Radiohead singer Thom Yorke is a collection of live action and stop motion of often harrowing bird’s eye imagery culminating in a haunting animation of a drowning man. One of the scenes is particularly brutal. It shows a protester being charged down by police on horseback in the centre of London. Using historical footage, tilt-shift photography techniques designed to make the live action appear in miniature, the movie is such that it will not easily be forgotten. Some months back I posted about a series of ads for the French insurance company MASIF by Raphael Frydman. They were filmed from above using real people to form animated illustrations. The series was in fact a tribute to the 2004 video Mad World in which singer Gary Jules gazes down from the rooftops of Brooklyn to view a choreographed sequence of people performing on the pavements below. A penetrating song and, at the time and still, a distinctive movie. Lauri Faggioni directed the cast and the whole is just another of those great music videos in the broad church that is animation.

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