Thursday, 5 February 2009

Ian Gouldstone Face the Music

Give Face the Music time to develop. Ian Gouldstone both wrote and directed this highly stylised short for Oxfam. It looks for all the world like some game, the figures the sort one uses to jump over crocodile infested rivers and the scenery props in that game. The scenery at the outset is savanna, huge waterfall prominent, zebra grazing, peaceful. Try and keep your eye focused on one area of the screen for everything changes. With bewildering pace technology and growing humanity fill in the spaces, trees disappearing at a rate of knots until there is just one behind a fence in a suburban garden. It does not survive. Meanwhile the jungle is transformed for crops and gaudy four by fours proliferate as does housing and people. Other parts of the screen tell different tales of land erosion and over-heating. A remarkably powerful little movie from the London based BAFTA award winning animator. A word too for Martin Lye who contributed towards the animation.

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