Friday, 13 February 2009

Jason Archer & Paul Beck "Cough, Cold and High Fever" & "La Paga" (Juanes)

I've written about rotoscoping a few times recently. Here is another example, this time a piece that has been rotoscoped on computer with various 2D and 3D elements added to the smooth movement of the characters, a distinguishing feature of the process. Cough, Cold and High Fever was one of fifty movies commissioned in 2007 for the Live Earth series of concerts and projects. Jason Archer and Paul Beck have a number of environmental or political movies to their credit. The threats identified are a consequence of global warming - ice caps melting, floods, animal flight. The concept has a man with the earth as his head being battered by life's travails before, in a iconic finale, landing on the proverbial desert island with SOS gouged in the sand. "Earthman" clutching his head at the effects of pollution or sharing a rowing boat as the world tilts on its axis is a visually arresting means of communicating the message. As an antidote to tomorrow's romance - should you need one - try the same guys' 2003 music video for Juanes - La Paga. I guess it is the same technical process this time with the lead character deliberately if rather coarsely rendered to give the appearance of thick felt tip. He is a Mickey Mouse character pursuing his romantic dream to little avail, even if the nurse is rather attractive at the close.

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Anita said...

Global warming has a big effects to our environment. This may cause pollution and other adverse effects that may lead to human's illnesses like cough colds and flu. I would love to see the movie about this one. I am pretty sure that this movie is very inspiring and educational. I wonder if they included flu remedies as part of the movie.