Saturday, 21 February 2009

Jim Clark, David Daniels & Ray Di Carlo "HP Flea Circus"

I recently featured Harrowdown Hill and promised a follow-up. HP Flea Circus directed by Jim Clark, David Daniels and Ray Di Carlo from Bent Image Lab is an intriguing piece made for Hewlett Packard in 2005. It takes some explaining. So I shall rely on David to narrate a short film describing how computer modeled characters were made into 3 dimensional miniatures and props, filmed in live action/stop motion before going back to the computer for the post production phase - HP Flea Circus Making of. The fleas perform their circus with style and no luck at all. The microscopic varmints look superficially tough, brown armour plated suits straight from Mordor though they are considerably cuter than orcs and more likely to favour Hobbits in the struggle against the dark. They are also a little clumsy judging from the attempt to leap through a burning ring: correct waist measurements are particularly appropriate when attempting that little feat - the self styled "King of Fire" would require a good boot up the posterior at the close plus some ample dousing of the rear. Beautifully made throughout, carousel music adds to the charm of the hapless creatures' antics. What one does to entertain! The images are from artist David Manuel who was commissioned to make circus style posters for the piece, a celebration of Hewlett Packard's "Wobulation" high resolution video projection technology. At 90 seconds in length the movie is long for a commercial, if short in that I desired more, balancing on a bicycle or massacring Uruk-Hai or something: with these guys as foes Sauron might have won.

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