Friday, 27 February 2009

John McCloskey "Loocy Moon"

Loocy Moon (2005) directed by John McCloskey and produced by Northern Ireland's Raw Nerve Productions has a particularly impressive opening though this CGI movie really gets warmed up from the moment the young girl gets to skate on thin ice under a brilliant, if fractured, moon. As in so many movies reviewed here the key is an inspired idea. Escorted by her mother through the wintry streets, Loocy is distracted by a crescent moon that is only completed by its reflection on the frozen lake in the town's park. Intent on reuniting crescent and circle, in the middle of the night she creeps out, skates in hand, to rescue the moon trapped under the ice. The seven minute, 3D film is enchanting throughout as Loocy sets about repairing the damaged eye of a snowman, uses the new moon as a launching pad for her assault on the ice and makes a new moon into a full moon - such is the magic of animation. Brian Irvine’s original musical composition works particularly well establishing a variety of moods required to speed along the movie or emphasise the wonder of it all. John too has a lovely touch as shown again in his BAFTA nominated short The Crumblegiant (extract).

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