Thursday, 26 February 2009

Katy Davis "Stay In My Memory" (Bim)

With well over 400,000 hits on YouTube alone and comments testifying to the joy at both song and animation, Katy Davis' Stay In My Memory surely takes her into a major league for UK animators. It is a lovely song from Bim with lyrics that give considerable license to go with the flow. Katy uses a combination of stop motion and computer animation using After Effects. The video opens with a scene difficult to beat as a woman's hand opens up a real pop up book to reveal a young couple pointing at the moon. The figures, shooting stars and moon are animated in such a way as to suggest cut-outs though in fact some 1,651 drawings (very exact) were hand drawn and scanned for the figures alone. The pop up book acts as a stage for the animation, a real hand turning the pages, the computer animated figures smoothly acting out their drama as boy is slain by buccaneers, the girl rides a dragon, gazes at her lover's photograph, rows her boat and generally searches until, as it is a romantic movie, she discovers her (memory) man and enters into free fall. The latter scene is vividly captured as the pair fall through the air in a miniature set, controlled by the real woman as computerised cloud effects float by. With props that are true works of art, notably the book itself but also including pirate ship and rural scene, the effect is multi layered, the tiny figures of girl and boy delicate paper, the props tangible, the controller human. When the girl walks through her memories, it is an art gallery in which the portraits come alive as live action poses. In short, Stay In My Memory is an assured piece, almost a bravura performance from a young animator of growing confidence with imagination and skill to match. Katy’s website, by the way, showcases her talent rather impressively. A measure of the movie is that despite the admiration one feels for Katy's technique, the freshness of the music video is what ultimately wins one over. Oh, and big softy that I am, I like the song.

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