Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Konstantin Bronzit "Lavatory Lovestory"

Konstantin Bronzit is a class act and his Academy Award nominated short Lavatory Lovestory was a worthy addition to the contenders for the top prize. I venture to suggest your attention will not waver as you seek to discover the identity of the lavatory attendant's secret admirer. He is the mysterious one who places flowers in her collection jar, a constantly changing bouquet that has the lonely lady guessing almost to the end. Which one of the trouser legs in the cubicles can it be? Line-drawn in spare fashion the only splash of colour is the from different bunches of flowers, or discarded petals. Armed with mop our heroine goes on the trail and it is to be hoped that any love affair in a lavatory runs smoothly. Funny throughout as the lady's suspicions and passions are aroused, there is one laugh out loud moment as she does a little ice skating with bucket. As I say, Konstantin is a class act, featured twice on the Animation Blog already with still more to come. He works for St Petersburg's Melnitsa Animation Studios. Animation has different styles. Lavatory Lovestory is not as beautifully painted as, say, last year's Oscar nominated My Love from Aleksandr Petrov, a work of art that curiously failed to move me despite a deep admiration for the director, but it is beautifully observed humour, confidently drawn, subtle and with a sense of timing that is exquisite. Just watch how the flowers appear like rabbits out of a hat. Yesterday's link was taken down almost as soon as I published - view it while you can!


Tami said...

so good!

Anonymous said...

Funny but Oscar winner?