Thursday, 12 February 2009

"Love & Sockets" & "Two Hearts Are Better Than One"

When light bulb meets pink alien we all light up. Somewhere in a world far above dwells a light bulb just waiting for that little spark. If advertising was all this good why would we make movies. To promote a new campaign for Frito-Lays Dips and Chips, Blacklist have created an undeniably cute planetary surface of lanterns, stars and flowers with tiny sockets.
But what little magnets do to attract a mate is the subject of Two Hearts Are Better Than One a similarly cute creation from Katie Herzig for Nexus. Our little friend wanders around attempting to connect with mug and cat with no success until he meets up with a partner with whom he can make symmetry that is actually very clever. And all in time for Valentine's Day. You'd think these things were planned. Visit to discover several levels of interactive entertainment including a mole taking a fast journey through tunnels. The publicity blurb I received is hardly overdone as in truth it's a great little site that justifies any hyperbole, the animation work is first rate and, well, it's nearly the 14th:
"Enter the world of Frito-Lay’s Dips and Chips —a magical place where the stars have aligned and everyone always finds their perfect match. “Made for Each Other” is about that brilliant moment where two worlds collide to make an even greater whole. Like the pieces of a puzzle or a key to a lock, they’re a perfect fit."

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