Monday, 9 February 2009

Yves Geleyn "Mother Like No Other"

I have accumulated a number of music videos over the past year or so that I felt could be shared. Most are not new but all have much to commend them. I’ll write them up over the next week. A young beaver with the aid of a red bird collects peacock feathers, dandelion seeds , flowers and twigs to make a special bouquet. Paris based Yves Geleyn created an appealing short for Mother’s Day in Mother Like No Other with the music of The Bird and the Bee. A mix of 2d and 3D, textured material and photographs in collage format, the process is so appropriate as child gives mother a homemade gift. Add visible joints to the characters, starry sky, gorgeous textured effect, not to mention cute animals. Give the images a click to sample the textures. Yves has produced a behind the scenes video explaining his approach and lunch! Zune Arts, featured previously on the Animation Blog, gives artists a valuable showcase for their work.

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