Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Arnaud Mathieu & Laurent Riboulet "Il descend de la montagne ... "

Il descend de la montagne ... (2003) by French pair Arnaud Mathieu & Laurent Riboulet (CNBDI) is in a tradition of chase cartoons as a guy races full throttle down a precarious road before attempting to meet the call of nature. When a passing UFO and little green beastie disturb the required toilet roll, the chase occurs as our man attempts to retrieve the necessary hardware for the operation. The roll of pink paper acquires a life of its own, the chase involving leaping over impossible chasms. As one has grown to expect, the CGI is expertly handled though the directors’ links with UFOs, despite references to ET and 2001 Space Odyssey, are not so successful. The chase, one is relieved to know, is.


Film Animation said...

That looks cool!

eniola said...

this is really cool stuff. check this out sounds like fun.