Friday, 6 March 2009

"The Cold Rush" Remi Certhoux, Simon Corbaux, Mikael Lynen & Tristan Urbin (Supinfocom)

Students from France’s Supinfocom school in Arles and Valenciennes acquire a degree of technical expertise that matches professionals. Judge this from today’s The Cold Rush, a CG piece that is macabre but very funny, a tribute to 18 months of obviously hard if rewarding work. In the best tradition of Sergio Leone, a bounty hunter tracks down his prey to a wooden shack in the frozen waste, only to discover that, like the surroundings, his quarry is frozen stiff. Not deterred by the discovery and with the "Dead or Alive" in mind, the corpse is transported piggy back over the ice and ravines. Obstacles aplenty test the physical endurance of the intrepid hunter although he is beginning to feel the effects of the cold himself. Lumping a wide eyed corpse frozen into the sitting position, retrieving that same cadaver from under the ice, using him as a toboggan and arguing over possession with a grizzly bear, the cowboy's battle to get his man is the source of much pain for him and merriment for us. Remi Certhoux, Simon Corbaux, Mikael Lynen and Tristan Urbin graduated in 2007. The university trains its students in a wide variety of software packages with 3D Studio MAX, Première, After Effect and Photoshop used here. Technical and production notes are available at the CGSociety and there is a 57 MB download here.

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