Saturday, 14 March 2009

Dirty UK & Ed Harcourt "Visit from the Dead Dog"

One of a number of promised music videos from the vault and judging by the removal of so much music from YouTube a dying breed. Well that's three references to the animation that introduced me to the music of Ed Harcourt in 2006, Visit from the Dead Dog. Made by Dirty UK from where you can view the video if the last remaining (from four) copy of the video is taken down. Drawn in the style of the distinctive Scottish cartoonist and illustrator Tom Gauld the action follows the walkies of a young dog owner whose pooch comes back from the grave to visit him whereupon everything he approaches withers, falls from the sky, floats to the surface and ends up as amorphous balloons trailing his every move. In theory quite depressing if it were not for the music and style of the thing. Waving goodbye to a chasing mob on a cliff as his faithful hound raises him to the sky and down to a waiting boat, or awaking the cemetery before being reunited with a dog of depth of colour is actually rather fun and what are ghosts if not white balloons? The illustration below is by Gauld.

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