Sunday, 29 March 2009

Don Hertzfeldt "Genre"

I read that Don Hertzfeldt’s student film of 1996, Genre, is one of his least favourites. I love it. It opens with stop motion footage of Don drawing the little bunny rabbit that is prodded and poked into life before the title credit appears and our animator toys with the genres of the film world, from children’s movies to porn to science fiction. Not all the jokes work but those that do are genuinely funny. My particular favourite is the moment when the long eared one is forced to boogie for the kids at the children's party - I've been there. I received three DVDs for my birthday: Don's 1995-2005 collection was one and much better quality than YouTube for a little matter of $24.


Asterisk Animation said...

These earlier films highlight how disappointing Mr. Hertzfeldt's "serious" films are.

All of this earlier work contains the pithy insights in our lives that his last two films have lacked -replacing his sharp wit with overwrought and overblown confusion.

A sad side effect of animation's "ugly stepsister" status in film. The great talents of the process try to prove their worth by getting "bigger".

WendyO said...

Aww, I remember this one. His old student cartoons are cute but
his "Everything will be OK" changed my life! What a beautiful and insightful piece; I got to see it at Sundance (!) where it took the Grand Prize.

I've really enjoyed watching him grow over the years from a cartoonist into a brilliant filmmaker. Don't listen to the confused crank above me, his newest work is the best he's ever done; some of the best animated shorts anyone's ever done.

Anonymous said...

Don Hertzfeldt is one of the greatest animators of our time and it is sad to see him fall down but like all greats he is sure to pull himself back out :) Look at Stephen King, he was fighting a drug addiction and he beat it though I'm sure this is not nearly as serious but that was just an example