Friday, 27 March 2009

Jerry van de Beek & Betsy de Fries "Out of this World" (Mercedes McLaren SLR 300) & Børge Ring

I had two emails on Wednesday that I combine for the purposes of the post. The first was from Betsy de Fries from the estimable Little Fluffy Clouds providing me with today’s subject, Out of this World, a commercial for a Mercedes-Benz I can only dream of owning. The second is from one of the legends of the animation world, Børge Ring. He is a great raconteur but it is his postscript that is pertinent: “Animating commercials I find excellent schooling. You learn about immediate succinct statements plus how to make a scene look slower than it actually is - something that Walt Disney taught HIS people.” There's not a lot slow in the ad though with the dream machine whipping up flames on its journey to another planet and back, the movement tracked by whispers of flames. Classy automobile, classy ad. Jerry van de Beek and Betsy are a class act, much in demand and deliver on time (eight weeks). Jerry masters a range of software packages as required by the brief. Here he uses "Maya, composited using After Effects and rendered in Mental Ray. VFX extras were created using Real Viz, Trap Code and Sapphire plug-ins." Betsy is a talented wordsmith so her forthcoming blog will surely provide ample detail of the process other than the section I have lifted on the software. So then, no concrete technical information whatsoever about the car, no price, colour options, nothing. Save that, and here is the clinching point: I want one. An immediate succinct statement. Børge was right.

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