Saturday, 21 March 2009

Johnny Kelly "The Seed"

I occasionally work for Adobe as one of their so called Education Leaders. Consequently I have been given their Master Collection, Adobe Creative Suite 4. In my spare moments I attempt to get my head round the software that can deliver so much in the right hands. How much easier and enjoyable to sit back and watch a master at work. The Seed is directed by a favourite animator, Johnny Kelly, using the the CS4 range of programs. The movie follows a seed through its travels, a complicated journey of mazes, beaks, sun and sea, before it comes to rest in the dark earth. I have no idea who or what Jape is or are but the electronic music fits the piece perfectly. So then, fresh colour, pattern, texture and the like. It's good to guess where scissors and card come in, rostrum camera and stop motion take over, or computer animation develops. There is still a little guesswork but Johnny deals in solutions as his Making of 'The Seed unravels the mysteries in a how to movie that is as artful as the work it is focusing on. Produced by Nexus, one may enjoy The Seed for its abstract beauty and interpretation, then like the master magician revealing all, see how the illusion is spun, only somehow dazzling the more in that disclosure.

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