Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Kenny Frankland 'Printer Jam' (Mistabishi)

Printer Jam is the latest video from prolific Kenny Frankland. It's a drum and bass track for new band Mistabishi, commissioned by Hospital Records through RadarMusicVideos. Kenny has great fun animating a printer malfunctioning. Or is it? Maybe our first encounter with an alien life form will be just like this and overlooked by man. Perhaps the printer just wants to say hello. As it reconnects its electric supply the machine gyrates, spitting out print material before going the whole hog and doing the Citroen C4 Dancing Transformer routine. Trouble is this guy feeds on cable not petrol. However there are some nice connections to the clients here, the paper having Hospital printed on it but by far the best is the play on the printer's name that is not the Mitsubishi moniker as I first thought but Mistabishi, a different proposition entirely. The sounds of a printer do, on reflection, have a percussive quality and the band's music is exploited by a camera that somehow or other gets immersed in the innards of the machine recording in stop motion every mechanical movement and electronic grunt. Until that cable slips from the socket again and ...... Printer Dead. An unusual and witty piece then from Kenny's Manchester based TinSpider Studio. I also have a relationship with my printer. I kick the damn thing when it gets jammed.

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