Monday, 2 March 2009

Dirty UK "Butterfly's Wing" (Mercury Rev)

I have few pretensions to being a music critic though I do like the sound of New York band Mercury Rev with the voice of Jonathan Donahue to the fore. Their animated video Butterfly's Wing is an easy start to the week. The folk at Dirty UK have created a psychedelic flight through the heavens and oceans that is nicely in tune with the music. The video features a dreamy butterfly cat and flying elephant (the second in two days as it happens - this blog is not flung together.) Sam Kerridge's illustrations work well in a Japanese context of bonsai trees and landscape. Pleasing touches such as the sailing boat, family of whales or the falling leaves certainly create a feel good effect and I love the watery, rather spare canvas at the opening that gradually is filled with disembodied trees and the more intricate tapestry effect as the video progresses. Animators James Lowne and Martin Commissioner use Adobe After Effects to smooth effect, the whole thing gliding along splendidly. Phil Tidy was producer with Jason Rackham as commissioner. One can see the movie at the company’s promotional site alongside the huge Flobots track Handlebars - approaching five million YouTube hits - the subject alongside another of the studio's marvellous music videos at the end of the week.