Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Mixtape Club "Wait For The Summer" (Yeasayer)

The remarkable Leerone wondered whether I was able to go to Austin, Texas, last week for their festival SXSW ‘09. (Leerone's blog is always worth the visit.) Sadly my day job got in the way. One of the featured films was last year's Wait For The Summer, an animated video for Yeasayer. A mix of CGI and stop motion, the short does about as much for an apple as Eve. Planets swirl, green beetles crawl around a winter landscape and then of course there are the apples, suspended from the branch or decomposing to mush, even proving to be a remarkably good planet or asteroid. With occasional silhouettes or shadows of the band, it makes for a pleasing 3 minutes or so with some frames that look good as stills. It was produced and directed by New York's Mixtape Club (Chris Smith, Jesse Casey, and Michelle Higa) whilst the animation was handled by Arthur Hur, Joe Posner and Andre Salyer. The movie link gives a choice of download qualities. I waited for summer but it never arrived: could have been England.

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