Monday, 9 March 2009

Ombres en scène

Animating a movie with a magician works well for that rabbit will assuredly come out of the hat. Ombres en scène (2008) is a stylish piece by four second year students from Paris' Sup'Infograph. A theatre is in danger of closing down until a spirit, seen throughout in silhouette, comes to the rescue of the ailing magician and owner whose tricks consequently come alive, win back the crowds and allow him close the premises for bigger and better. This is too much for the ghost who wreaks revenge. Made in a combination of Maya, After Effects and Photoshop, the look is hand drawn, shadowy and the theme suitably Faustian. I look forward to the final graduation offering of the talented quartet of Patrick Ma, Deborah Martin-azra, Alison Morel, and Laura Saintecatherine. A word also in praise of the terrific music by Alexis Maingaud that adds so much.

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