Thursday, 12 March 2009

Phil Paris Zarcilla & Semir Saleh "Smile"

The scenario of the human race having died out to be replaced by robots is a well worn formula though Smile, a final graduation film by University of Hertfordshire students Phil Paris Zarcilla and Semir Saleh, manages to evoke an emotional response as, in a well realised sequence augmented by the music score of Akira Kosemura, the robot attends to the household chores before discovering a library book with references to his own race. He realises that his bottom jaw is missing and sets out on a journey to reassemble himself at the deserted manufacturing base, a journey that is complicated by his declining power supply. Hertfordshire turns out some marvellously equiped students for the world of 3D animation. Smile sadly did not feature in the university's end of year prizes though, if it is any consolation, I liked it.

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