Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Rohitash Rao "Laika"

On November 3, 1957, Russia launched the first ever mammal into space. Laika was the lucky dog chosen for this honour. She died on the same day. A year ago a monument was erected in her honour in Moscow. Indian director Rohitash Rao has made a rather sad memorial to her with Laika, a mix of animation techniques including stop motion for Zune Arts via Curious Pictures. A crackling soundtrack and sepia footage of the day introduces the dog, though once the blast-off has occurred glorious colour takes over. Sputnik 2 flies through space amidst a meteor shower of dog biscuits. The destination planet is a glorious doggy heaven of meat trees and craters that shoot tennis balls into the air for her delight. Peering out from the cockpit Laika places her paw on the snapshots of her friends and family before voyaging back to earth with her cargo of treats captured from paradise, raining all her bounty on the canine world beneath, a firework display above. America of course used chimpanzees on their one way journey to the stars. Dream, and reality: Laika probably died only hours after take-off due to stress or over-heating. (Wikipedia) Thanks to DeK at No Fat Clips there is a high resolution 26MB download.

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