Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sébastien Rossignol "Le Prince Bleu"

Here is an atmospheric film by French director Sébastien Rossignol. A glowing blue jewel makes it way towards a haunted castle in which two elegant female spirits await. Vampires they may be but when the gem metamorphosizes into the handsome prince their embrace seems as much seduction as assault. Le Prince Bleu is a vehicle for a duet by RoBert and Majandra Delfino, the lyrics of which I find it as hard to decipher as the film. Made in 2004, primarily in 3ds MAX, there's a nice opening as prey becomes predator, the women are composed of smoke and light, and the darkness of the castle obscures much. Moody, vaguely threatening, the song is enjoyable and very French despite the odd line in English.

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