Monday, 23 March 2009

What are you doing on April 11th? Shake the World

What will you be doing on Saturday April 11th at 4PM Pacific Time, 12PM Greenwich Mean Time? I will be dancing the night away in some sleezy nightclub, lager bottle in hand, video camera in the other, cartwheeling for the sheer joy of it all. Simply record 60 seconds of video and the team at independent film production company, Shake The World, will piece everything (well not everything) together to form a unique film recording a minute in the life of humankind. It is a world event, the organisers of which are impressively enthusiastic. Click on the Vimeo link and see the promotional videos, three of which are animated and psych yourself up for the big event. Hopefully I shall post some of the submissions here on the blog. Images from Jodi Lee Sandler, Kyoko Fukuma and John-Paul Cannucciari, and Spaghetti Media. Meanwhile if you are unable to wait until April 11th, send the team a picture, any picture, with one of the two logos (red or blue) attached and, who knows, you may see yourself or whatever on their website.

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