Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Yoann Lemoine "Evergreen" & "Mademoiselle"

I promised a while back to write up some of the music videos that sort of got lost in the maelstrom of my computer folders. One old and one new today by French animator Yoann Lemoine. Evergreen for Axelle Renoir has a beautiful stag featured against a dream landscape of tree trunks, rocks and even a landlocked ship, with a moody backdrop of mists or coloured filters. This is one for admirers of style over substance, as the stag transforms its arid world into evergreen. Totally different is Yoann's rotoscopic and monochromatic treatment of a stunning song from French singer Berry - Mademoiselle - very French, stylish with, again, not a lot happening other than an attractive woman doing her make-up in front of her mirror, thinking of her lover and revealing not much really, save that there is significance in the parcelled up revolver and some mention of regrets, though I think it more a case of "Non, je ne regrette rien". Style is all.

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