Friday, 17 April 2009

Christoph Keller & Tobias Keip "Eden"

Bringing to mind something of James Blish's epic Cities In Flight series, Eden is a movie I stumbled upon whilst searching Vimeo. By a pair I do not know, Christoph Keller and Tobias Keip, it is a vision of a city in the future, or is it from someone's imagination? Commencing with a young man sketching out his futuristic city be prepared for a change in music, and a pulsating one at that, as one obtains a far off view of a city in space. We tear into the place at a terrific lick, whisked along the tunnels and assorted routes as if on some theme park ride. Only thing missing is the inhabitants. Sorted. On top of one of the many skyscrapers we meet the young man reaching for a butterfly. Always symbolic, butterflies! And does it rain in space? Christoph also has posted a stereoscopic version intended for 3D cinemas - maybe it was intended for a theme park afterall. Whatever the derivation this is an exciting journey, fabulous music and I guess, given the daft spectacles, it would look even greater in the right cinema. I seem to remember the book ended with a bang too.

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Christoph Keller said...


I just accidently found this post and am totally syked that you "promote" our movie here. Thanks, man! :)

I'm afraid I must admit that I don't even know "Cities In Flight". Also, the film is not intended for a theme park - it's just our first shot at stereoscopic movies and we wanted to prove that those stereotypical fly-throughs can look good and make sense.

Rock on,