Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Eoghan Kidney "Stars"

Stars (2005) is not an easy video to watch given that its subject is the terminal illness of a young woman from a rare neuron disease. The movie of over ten minutes in length details Sophie's increasingly powerful hallucinations and the effect they have on her relationship with partner Brian. A very detailed account of the condition is provided by the director, Eoghan Kidney, in the Vimeo link above so I shall say no more on the plot. Ruth Negga and Domhnall Gleeson provide the voices in an understated performance that is all the more effective for that. How I began this review is not exactly correct because in a visual sense the movie is beautifully composed on screen, the style of the CGI piece moving from the straightforwardly literal (meeting with the doctor, adjusting his glasses as he delivers the terrible news) to the striking distortion of colour to mirror the effects of the illness, or the use of symbol. I know the director deals also in live action and this can be seen in some of the scenes, for instance as the passage of time is conveyed in time lapse photographic terms centred on the bedroom. A Dubliner, Eoghan was one of the founders of Delicious 9 an Irish animation collective who contributed towards the animation for Stars, the director's first movie. Like much of the animation coming out of the Emerald Isle, the movie was sponsored by the Irish Film Board.

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