Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Grigoris Leontiades "Grrrr" (2007)

Grrrr is a movie I referred to when introducing the work of Trunk Animation's Grigoris Leontiades during my spring vacation. In an essentially monochromatic and hand drawn style, Grigoris shows a young boy idolising his father and mimicking his actions. Not such a bad thing one might suggest save that this dad is totally unaware of his son, tired after work and turning to the ever-present television set for diversion. The soccer dominates the parent's attention, the glares and histrionics mirroring the aggressive action on the field and partisan antics of the supporters into whose midst the boy is propelled. Wearing his father's jacket, stepping into his shoes, walking in the same manner, the boy is at once a miniature version of dad and a bewildered child looking for guidance that is simply not there. The world of the adult is not a pretty place. Those in search of happy endings, of whom I am one, might discern a note of optimism at the close though the director is subtle in his obfuscation. Entirely free of words save for the grrrr of the title, signifying the boy's adoption of the role of puppy, scurrying after his master, retrieving the slippers. What I particularly admire are the design elements here, from the moment the boy homes alone with his television set to the clicking of the remotes as the football spectators transform to mirror images of the father. A stylish piece altogether and one can see why Trunk welcomed this fourth and latest director to their collective bosom shortly after the movie was released. No personal résumé has quite the impact in recruitment terms as an actual movie, particularly one of this quality.

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