Thursday, 30 April 2009

Impactist (Kelly Meador & Daniel Elwing) "Parallelostory" (2009)

Impactist comprises husband and wife team Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing from Portland, Oregon. They are both musicians and, as with today's short, Parallelostory, animators of some style. The video is for the track Cup of Water Crying (mp3 download) from their new EP Color Fields & Wagon Wheels. Indeed their music is available for free download though they do ask for a PayPal donation. So much for the necessaries. The theme of the animation is a multi-universe in which worlds and people orbits run parallel to each other and do not necessarily collide. The imagery is of planets, asteroids, observatories and highways in which the pink and blue cars go their separate ways, the man and woman destined never to converge. But never forget, somewhere out there is a perfect match. Will cruel fate determine the two should never meet? The design is tasteful indeed, delicate colours and symmetrical arrangements of minimalist settings, the poll booth and two vehicles located in a grey nothingness, the zigzag road that creeps up an impossibly pointed hill to the coloured observatory homes at the top, the streaking meteors in space. Delicacy is what comes to mind in music and visuals. Delicacy too in the credits so thanks to Motionographer who were in turn indebted to a blogger I have not read before, Kristy from two if by see. Such is the manner of the internet. Kristy's blog is excellent by the way. Another husband and wife team tomorrow though very different in style .

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