Sunday, 26 April 2009

Ivan Rusev "Yellow" (2008)

Strange where research for the blog takes me. Ivan Rusev's cut-out graduation work, Yellow, is based on the works of the Russian avant-garde and absurdist writer Daniil Kharms. So much for the explanation on YouTube. Daniil was one of those persecuted artists in the grim period of Stalin's USSR who was imprisoned for essentially daring to produce art in a manner deemed not conducive to the state. He died in detention in 1942. During his career he was driven to write for children, a refuge of necessity for many writers and artists of the Soviet era. The animation was made at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. Given the inspiration one might expect an off-centre piece and that is correct. It concerns an apartment block full of inhabitants going about their daily concerns, from ensuring the continuation of the species, holding a gun to the head and, in the case of a little old lady, drilling. When a workman falls from a tower the call to the police goes unanswered save for the immediate dispatch of a cameraman in helicopter to interview the falling guy. Such a society can only have one end, though the rat deserts the sinking building just in time. Witty and distinctive, the three minute piece is a commentary on life as we live it. Sadly.

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renaltro said...

hallo Ian! I found Yellow and Grey very interesting! do you perhaps know how to contact the artist because it's very hard to find him on the net?