Monday, 6 April 2009

Karen Penman & Liam Brazier "Weather Beaten"

Littlenobody Animation Studio provides an object lesson in how to run a commercial animation studio in these hard economic times. Karen Penman and Liam Brazier turn their hands to a range of commissions with ever varied approaches. Weather Beaten, a mix of stop motion and 2D & 3D computer compositing, was funded by the Commonwealth Vision awards, Global Challenges and the New Generation. The tag at the end of the four minute piece indicates the theme - the planet's variable weather pattern and the danger faced by so many of its inhabitants. Liam and the indefatigable Karen, together with Greg Kitten's photographic images, create a factory in which, to a percussive soundtrack by Richard Mead, grey figures work on an assembly line in which weather is selected, created, packaged and transported. All does not go to plan however and things get out of hand when thunder and lightning strikes. In shades of grey though with an occasional flash of colour at important moments, the short is much in the mould of their award winning What Cassandra Saw, reviewed here a year or so ago, in that there is that air of mystery and magic surrounding the work.

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