Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Layla Atkinson "The Whistler"

I have previously featured individual work by two of the three founders of London's Trunk Animation. Today it is the turn of Layla Atkinson. When viewing the seemingly beguiling characters in The Whistler bear in mind what cats would like to do to caged birds and then turn everything on its head. Friendly pussy cat likes listening to the song of the red bird in the cage. Through its whistling the bird communicates and the attentive cat collects the little trinkets that make life in a cage worth living. But what are the ulterior motives? A nice piece of 2D computer animation to while away the time whilst I am on vacation. Steve Smith, Siri Melchior and Layla met whilst at the Royal College of Art and formed one of the capital's most successful studios. They were joined by producer Richard Barnett plus a fourth director. Tomorrow I shall have a look at one of his commercials.

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