Sunday, 19 April 2009

Luis Nieto "Down, Down, Down"

Down, Down, Down has rather a nice line in inflatables albeit, given the title of this Hush Puppies track, there are just as many deflatables. Luis Nieto directs the final music video in my selection of those short listed for this year's Annecy festival. A mix of live action and 2d/3D animation, it commences with a vertically challenged guy performing his party piece, a spot of virtuoso balloon blowing, culminating in some ostentatious inflation using his ear and nose. Back in the living room the band play their music accompanied by some swift ducking and weaving accelerated by CGI trickery and an assortment of blow-up furniture and props, including an imploding cow. Great fun and the little guy gets to reappear amidst yet more inflables though upside down. He gets quite carried away. The Annecy description is "Hell seen from heaven...", a trifle inflated I feel but an impressive video nonetheless for a more interesting example of quantitative easing than that performed by the British chancellor. That concludes the Annecy official selection of eight music videos. A trawl through the blog's search function will reveal any you have missed.

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